Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Silent Raga

This is named so because I wrote it while watching Mani Ratnam's 1986 hit, Mouna Ragam starring Revathy Menon.

She had just entered
Her work done for the day
When she noticed that the house
Was done up in a special way

Before she could ask
Her mother swooped in
Talcum box in her hand
And yanked her into the kitchen

Her sister entered then
A beutiful saree in hand
Draping, dabbing, this and that
She thought she looked grand

"What Amma? What is this?"
She asked for an answer she feared
Cringing wouldn't make it go
The age of 24 had neared.

She peeked outside, just a peek
To see who were sitting
Did just the parents and the boy come
Or the whole family they saw fitting?

A demurely man about her age
Was sitting quietly in the side chair
So thin, so tall, so elegant
Well dressed too, and ever so fair.

"Enough looking", said Amma
So out she went with fear
Will I like him? Will he like me? 
Is this my husband-to-be sitting here?

She set sweetmeats on a table
Her wondering eyes set firmly on the ground
For that's what Amma had told her
"Eyes down, and not a sound."

But curious as she was, she looked
And their eyes met for the first ever time
And both caught themselves thinking
Oh! If only those eyes were forever in mine!

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