Friday, February 3, 2012

The Ant and the Bully

There’s a girl walking on the street
Who says she doesn’t need your help
And BAM! She hits a lamp-post
And down she falls, letting out a yelp.

You walk over and say
“I told you you need me
But you never listen ,do you?”
But it’s your eyes she doesn’t see.

Hurt as she is
She walks right ahead
Towards the end of the road
Ignoring what you said

You run behind her
Running as she walks
Telling her she can’t manage
There’s no end to your mocks

She tries not to listen
She tries walking faster
But you just run harder
Until you’re her master

You pin her to the ground
And she’s hopeless as an ant
And yes, you are the bully
With the taunts incessant.

And you stand up
Powerful as you are
Leave her to her fate
And simply wave from afar

And now, she sees your smile
And she sees your hand
Realises she is lost forever
And wonders who to reprimand.

- Written by me, in a state of depression over some petty issues that seemed the world to me about 2 years ago.

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