Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Blog Title

I am _________.
Few months ago, I didn't understand it myself.But now that I did, I agree completely.
Our life experience has taught us that a sentence like "I am" HAS to be followed by some word.And all our lives, we do things or wish to do things that will fill up that blank after " I am".
For example, we VJTI students study day and night so we can say "I am a ten pointer".
Or we remove time to do things that we love to do.That's when you can say, "I am happy".

Our life is only a collage of experiences:good, bad, and the ones you just can't remember how you felt, but you remember having the experience.You eat an icecream, you like the taste.You read stories out at the old age home, you like the feeling it gives.And you talked to your new neighbor yesterday.Turns out she's really sweet after all.So that's our life.A bunch of experiences.Experiences that help us to put a couple of words after "I am".

But when you're done with all this experience business, you will realize that life is really not about filling up that blank.It is about how long you can go without it being filled at all.And the sentence STILL making sense.
I am.That's all.I don't need a word to describe what I am, who I am, what I do, or anything.In technical terms, this is called the AWARENESS or CONCIOUSNESS.And the day that we stop doing things to fill in the blank, we will be complete. We will be happy.


  1. this is a beautiful thought! I am. Thats all!

    but what wud vada say if she read this?

    naan irukken aval irukkaal avan irukkan avaa irukkaa namba irukkom :P

  2. "naan irukken aval irukkaal avan irukkan avaa irukkaa namba irukkom"

    although I did not undersstand a word of it, I like the sound.

    coming back to the idea, I agree with it completely and I would like to add that it is PROVING to others what we are that we waste all of our valuable time in. Stop that superficial activity and voila! You have a life! And I guess Anghaa knows that best of all [dontcha beta?]. After all its MY poem she took the title from! :p

    "Turns out she's really sweet after all"
    What's brewing?

  3. your poem?nahi re, that was not really inspiration for this piece of work.real inspiration was the book SELF UNFOLDMENT by Swami Chinmayananda.

    @aamil nothing's "brewing", except the fact that you forgot how my name is spelt.shame,shame.