Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Waaat you doing, da macha?

Ek chaturanaar, bada hoshiyaar...

Frankly, I have never heard this song fully.Know why?Coz I can't. When I see Mehmood dressed in a dhoti with ash all over his forehead, and screaming Ayyo Ayyo after each alternate breath, it disgusts me.To see how Tamilians are portrayed on-screen.Or anywhere else,for that matter.

We are FOREVER called Madrasis, not that we're all from Madras, but who cares?All we do is wear really colourful lungis, go to temples all the time and say things like "Poda rasscalaa".May I point out here, that Rajnikanth, who made that phrase a household affair, is a hard-core Maharashtrian.And how could I forget!Our language,Tamil can be pretty much summarised by 2 words(I can't even call them WORDS), Andu Gundu.

I can understand if people cannot differentiate between the four different southern languages.But at least recognize the fact that there are more than 1!And that Tamil does NOT have any words like Andu Gundu!And that we eat things other than Idly and Sambar!I am proud to say that I can at least differentiate between Gujarati and Kachhi.And between Bengali and Oriya.Maybe someday in the (hopefully near) future, Bollywood will stop stereotyping us "Madrasis" and recognize us for the truly modern community we are.


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  2. Shouldn't that be 'waat you doing, da machan?' :P
    I so agree with you.There a whole bunch of those half-wits who think they're being funny, poor thing,comedians, who thrive on linguistic differences.More than anything else, I pity their level of ignorance...they are still where they were.But we've gone far ahead.And it's not just South Indian languages.Most people find it real embarassing to speak in their native languages, unless it happens to be Hindi or English,in a social gathering, what with Amma and Appa becoming a forced/artificial 'mom' and 'dad'

  3. sorry i posted the same comment twice :D

  4. Another frustrated person limited by regional boundaries. In one of your posts, you mention that you don't care a damn about how the world perceives you and here, you run back to square one.

    Why are you sad or agitated when people make fun of your accent? Don't you understand that their ONLY motive behind doing so is to agitate you.

    They really enjoy the look on your face when they do it and THAT is humourous for them.
    If you really want to stop it, just start ignoring them.

    The best example of this is the Parsi Community. Even they were stereotyped as typical "Bawas" who were goofy and timid. They chose not to respond to it[or as I see it, there weren't enough Parsis to respond to it].
    And slowly, the fad came to an end and, Parsis finally got recognised in the film industry with "Being Cyrus", where they were portrated in the correct way.

    Its not just Tamilians. Even Begalis, Punjabis[the biggest victims], Biharis, Maharashtrians[60% of housemaids in Films are "Sakhu" Bais, Now, THAT is what I call derogatory], Gujaratis [Remember Kal Ho Naa Ho?] and even Hyderabadis are not portrayed how they actually are.But I think that is part and parcel of being recognised as a community. You should be proud that your way of life and
    culture is being recognised.

    Be proud and flaunt it, look at the positives. If they call you a Madrasi, be proud that they at least acknowledge Madras! You don't need to shun your way of life just because a joker makes fun of it. You also don't have to get angry and start dividing society by naming people who do it [eg. rajnikant is a maharashtrian]. Our society is fragile, please don't disrupt it. After all, this does not stop people from remembering that..
    The most intelligent person from India is a South Indian [APJ Abdul Kalam]
    The newest sensation in Bollywood is a South Indian [Asin]

    And if you are feel that it is easy for me to say this just because Muslims are not made fun of on screen, just look up the name of any terrosist, underworld ganster etc, you will definitely find a Muslim there.

    So just relax and learn to laugh at yourself, it is all in good humour. Remember that barking dogs seldom bite.

    And just for your information, the phrase that WE use to describe South Indians in general is


    Kindly note that none of this is Tamil! :p

  5. calling all of tamil nadu as madrasis should be stopped....for general knowledge's sake...but then again, calling nepalis, sikkimese, some bongs all caucasian-looking people and also any food that is long and thin 'chinese' is also a bummer to are many other things that i can't think of at present.
    The making fun of bit is done to everyone: blondes, sardars (apne khalsa-jokes yaad hain na?), bongs....u name it!
    if we start getting offended...we won't have much else to leave it and move on to more pressing causes like global warming and the exponentially increasing mechanics homework we get :P

  6. hey frankly speaking i never get pissed wen ppl mock at me..i mean they literaaly dnt mock! infact they so much r in love with tamil songs that they pester me 2 kno the meaning of he lyrics used. and hey! whenever they say andu gundu i cant help but laugh! n i cnt even think of giving a tit for tat! basically i ams o glad that people give importance south indians this way. of corz it is a bit pissing when people thnk that south india is a state! but then they r uniting all the south indians unknowingly which is gr8! n why shud we bother to improve their g.k? anyuwez anaghaa! i am a person who accepts people the way they r. so i am nt advicing u anythn. i kno u dnt like sms language but i cnt help it. wil try and improve surely. u have been v inspirin. just read my comment and leave. dnt really hve 2 take it seriously! keep up dis gud work! luv 2 read more posts from u! have fun darling