Thursday, February 12, 2009


Following this whole "25 things about me" list that all Facebook users are making nowadays, I started thinking about what i would write if I had to.I'm going to try, but friends reading this can help out.I need it.

20 things about me:
1. I love my brother more than my parents, or God, or myself.
2. I was underweight when I was born (yeah yeah I know, I was shocked too, when my mother told me. Ironically, my mouth was stuffed at that time.But then again, when isn't it?)
3. I don't REALLY know what "ironically" means.But I use it in sentences anyway.
4. I have a dramatic monologue going on inside my head, and I absolutely LOVE imagining potential conversations between "namoone" that I get to see so often in buses.
5. I despise the idea of anyone calling their parents "Mom and Dad".C'mon, they at least deserve better than THAT.Westernized idiots.
6. On the same note, I think the most beautiful word that ever was is "AMMA".Kinda makes me feel all warm and tingly every time I say it.
7. I have more best friends than some people have friends.
8. I'm judgemental about people who dress well.Don't ask.
9. I have a lot of little beliefs that keep coming and going.Like -"If a 92Ltd. comes along in the next 1 minute, I'll do well in today's test".
10. I'd like to think I'm one of the cooler nerds of V.J.T.I.
11. I HATE my cellphone.And all cellphones.And the fact that people use them only for messaging at 3am and for getting out of an awkward conversation by faking a call.
12. An hour of sports makes me feel thinner.Just feel.
13. I love talking about religion, God and the abstract with my mother.
14. I start crying when a song matches my mood EXACTLY.
15. Oh, and I cry only when I'm alone.
16. I hate it when people use sms language in their blogs. Or anywhere, for that matter.
17. I can listen to Chandler Bing all day long, if that's possible. It's love.
18. I'm sarcastic to the core. More so at home, where people are greatly annoyed by it.
19. I love punning with words.Though it doesn't come voluntarily.
20. I've always dreamt of a wedding with me in jeans and a comfortable t-shirt.

There,I've said it.Go ahead, change it, comment,suggest, criticize. Whatever.


  1. mouth was stuffed matlab? (matlab as in meaning? not the HLL)

  2. matlab i was eating something...whats so hard to understand?

    and yay!you were able to comment!

  3. then this isn't am appropriate usage of ironic....

  4. Lets imagine namoone coversations together next time.Would be fun.

  5. Anai of course., Do that today, we shall.